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Product Transportation Through U.S.A.

Who is S.B.I. Logistics?

We provide transportation services to companies all over the USA. With Top of the line equipment, we focus on punctuality and security


Security is our base

Cargo, Trucks, and Truckers always safe

 Truckers are responsible for transporting materials and half-processed products from one factory to another, aiming to deliver finished products to all the different stores and customer homes around the country.

Security should be first on the list of things to care and consider about. Not only on the side of the trucker himself or herself, but also from the client’s POV. Being wary of what should and should not be done in terms of security or lack thereof will only give way to better commerce.  

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 By taking care of the trucker, the truck as well as the cargo, we -clients, producers and all people related to trucking, can rely that their loved ones will arrive home safely and at the same time, our products will be delivered to the right hands at the right time. No production chain hiccups and, in the end, a better profit margin.

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 S.B.I. Logistics, we know that there is a lot more to transportation than just loading everything up and driving away.

If you are a producer or have a factory of mid-stage products, contact us. We can deliver your products to your clients so that they can finish their own products.


Are you ready to sell your products to end-customers? We can help you deliver all your products to the right stores or even to the final client!

Whatever you need or want, we can accommodate and provide you with the best experience.



 We are always looking for the best of the crop. If you are committed, professional and looking for work, reach out to us!   

Top of the Line Trucks

 Excellent work environment, competitive pay and much more.